Monday, February 27, 2012

Who Creates Jobs?


Greetings from Jackson Hole. If someone is willing to sell me my own private mountain for a plausible price I'd be happy to accept. Might be cheaper than the price of the average home in Antelope Flats

No wonder Dick Cheney lives here.

I thought for sure you'd respond to my disinterest in living in a European welfare state by reminding me that we already  already do so so I thank you for cutting me a bit of slack there.

You don't seem to have much confidence in any of the principals seeking the nations's highest office  to guide job creation. Wouldn't you argue that it is not the job of government to do so in the first place? My own attitude on this question take their usual place in the muddled middle, which is to say that government should participate carefully but vigorously in promoting polices that provide a template for continued economic success.  Yet on every candidates lips we hear that holy manta  "jobs" chanted with reverence and conviction. Is this something the the American people want from their government? Surely not Republican primary voters, who simply want to make sure they have someone to hate.


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