Thursday, November 10, 2016

This ain't gerrymandering.


This ain't gerrymandering. From The Center for Public Integrity
Despite an aggressive financial push from Democrats, Republicans cemented their dominance of the nation’s governors’ mansions in elections Tuesday, ending the night with their highest number of governorships since 1922.

“Hillary, you’re a lawyer. This country needs you to stand up and walk into the Supreme Court and say: ‘One vote equals one vote!’ What is wrong with that? What’s the debate?”


I'm still laughing.

Watch This Anti-Trump Protestor Completely Lose His Mind On TV


Clinton v Trump v Romney v Obama


I thought this was fascinating, from The Hill:

Even so, Clinton appears to have underperformed President Obama’s showing in 2012 by about 6 million votes. Those people did not go to Trump. He got roughly 1 million fewer votes than Romney, that year’s GOP nominee. For whatever reason, Democratic voters who backed Obama simply didn’t come out for Clinton — and it is cold comfort that she is set to defeat Trump by a small margin in the popular vote.
The Democrats, as a party, have been smoked since 2010. Lost the Senate, House, now the Presidency. GOP controls two-thirds of the governor-ships and state legislatures. That ain't gerrymandering.

I've expressed skepticism in the past about this demographic destiny argument for the Democrats, and I remain skeptical.

I'm dreading the buckets of ink being spilled on what went wrong for the Democrats. I would urge them to not ignore the obvious:
1) The People don't like the policies Democrats promote
2) The People don't like Hilary. She was a really untrustworthy, morally bankrupt candidate. So much so that she lost to Donald Trump an untrustworthy, morally bankrupt candidate.

Forget about white rage, or George Parker's WWC or racism or manufacturing employment or Citizen's United, or the Koch Bros. or Bernie's MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONAIRES or all the other Tourette's syndrome arguments the Left makes. Remember Occam's razor.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day Commute


Election Day and the trains were much emptier than usual. Maybe everyone is hiding their heads in shame for being so reckless and irresponsible in nominating Trump and Clinton.

My daughter asked who I'm going to vote for. I told her I may not vote. I'm too embarrassed by the choices.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Quote of The Day (and Maybe the Election)

Anger works like gasoline. If you use it intelligently and in a controlled manner, you can move the world. That’s called progress. Or you just spill it about and ignite it, creating spectacular explosions. That’s called arson.
                                                            What Do Trump and Marx Have in Common?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

De-legitimizing voting results.


Trump is now being rightly criticized for calling the elections rigged against him. All of the left-wing fainting couches are occupied at the sheer irresponsibility of Trump trying to de-legitimize the pending win of Clinton. And I agree, it is irresponsible. But not that unusual.

Andrew Jackson won the popular vote in 1824 versus John Q. Adams but lost the electoral college vote and spent the next four years screaming about a "corrupt bargain." The Democrats in the South were so troubled by the legitimacy of Lincoln's election they decided to start a civil war. Hayes v Tilden in 1876 was decided by fraudulent results in Florida (of course). Chester Arthur was accused of being born in Canada. (Proving that  birther movements aren't necessarily driven by racism).

And recently we have Democrats asserting for eight years George W. Bush was not the real President because the election was stolen by the Supreme Court.

My favorite however, is the NY Times in particular, which has spent, since the shellacking suffered by the Democrats in 2010 much ink on claiming the Republican control of the House is not legitimate because of gerrymandering.

Yes, I agree, Trump is a buffoon and a sore loser. So are others.


Trump reminds me of Jackson: Loud, ignorant, boorish, bigoted full of populist nonsense and economically illiterate.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"This Piece of Human Garbage"


This tweet storm from @mbglenn has made it's way around the tubes of the interweb. Nothing I disagree with. What strikes me however is this: We've known for decades Trump is a bloviating ignoramus (thanks George Will). We've known for decades Trump is a racist misogynist. (thanks Howard Stern). We've known for decades Trump is a corrupt crony capitalist. We've known for decades Trump is a Democrat mercantilist with foolish, ignorant views on trade and the economy. I guess there's always a last straw and I guess for many it was the Billy Bush tape. I'm glad they've finally recognized what this piece of human garbage has been saying for 30 years. But it's too bad this Saul on the road to Tarsus moment didn't come when this clown rode down the escalator June of last year and pronounced Mexicans were rapists and murderers.

The Republicans got what they wanted. They wanted a belligerent, anti-immigrant, non-politician. Congratulations GOP. You got him.

Here is the cut and paste of @mbglenn:

So let me get this straight: I, a conservative female, have spent years defending the Republican Party against claims of sexism. 1/

When I saw Republican men getting attacked I stood up for them. I came to their defense. I fought on their behalf. 2/

I fought on behalf of a movement I believed in. I fought on behalf of my principles while other women told me I hated my own sex. 3/

Not only charges of sexism, but I defended @marcorubio during Go8, I fought in my state to stop the @ScottWalker recall, etc…

Now some Trojan horse nationalist sexual predator invades the @GOP, eating it alive, and you cowards sit this one out? 5/ 
He treats women like dogs, and you go against everything I – and other female conservatives – said you were & back down like cowards. 6/

Get this straight: We don’t need you to stand up for us, YOU needed to stand up for us for YOU. For YOUR dignity. For YOUR reputation. 7/

Jeff Sessions says that he wouldn’t “characterize” Trump’s unauthorized groping of women as “assault.” Are you kidding me?! 8/

Others try to rebuke his comments, yet STILL choose to vote for a sexual predator - because let’s be honest, that’s what he is. 9/

"What he said is wrong, and the way he treats women is wrong, but it’s not wrong enough for me to not vote for him." Thanks, cowards. 10/

Various men in the movement are writing it off as normal, confirming every stereotype the left has thrown at them. So I'm done. 11/

I'm sooo done. If you can’t stand up for women & unendorse this piece of human garbage, you deserve every charge of sexism thrown at you. 12

I’m just one woman, you won’t even notice my lack of presence at rallies, fair booths, etc., You won’t really care that I’m offended 13/

by your silence, and your inability to take a stand. But one by one you’ll watch more women like me go, & you’ll watch men of 14/

ACTUAL character follow us out the door. And what you’ll be left with are the corrupt masses that foam at the mouth every time you step 15/

Outside the lines. Men who truly see women as lesser beings, & women without self-respect. & your “guiding faith” & "principles" will be 16/

Attached to them as well. And when it’s all said and done, all you’ll have left is the party The Left always accused you of being. Scum. 17/

CC: @SpeakerRyan @tedcruz @marcorubio @SpeakerRyan @Reince And every other tool refusing to unendorse this monster. 17/X