Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who We Are

Eli Butcher
I am the grandson of a tailor from Coney Island who grew up to be an academic physician at a large northeastern teaching hospital. I have substantial expertise as a clinician scientist and a longstanding interest in health care policy, but no training, in economics, formal or otherwise. I would describe my politics as socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I am also a bred-in-the-bone Boston sports fan.  
William Knabe
I am a husband, a father and a brother. My academic background is economics with a large dose of history. For close to 25 years I have worked in and around the financial services industry. The easiest tag to place on my politics is libertarian, but it would be more accurate to describe me as vigorous believer in the power of the free market to create a better life for all, with a large dollop of Catholic-infused responsibility to help those in need.  

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