Thursday, February 9, 2012

Success and Sustainability


Although I consider the science behind man made climate change to be sound, and the politics of climate change denial to be both delusionalc and cynical, I am also respectful of the near impossibility of modifying the rate of carbon based energy use by fiat. While I’m not sure exactly what a rational national energy policy would look like, it might look something like this. Here are a few broad ideas to start. We might even agree on some of them.

1) End subsidies that make no economic sense. No to ethanol. No to any subsidy for oil exploration .
2) A  carbon tax. An idea I know you hate, so I’ll keep injecting it (like water for fracking no?) just to annoy you. I am actually surprised that you argue against a gas tax because of its regressive nature. Since when do libertarians care about the unequal distribution of anything?
3) A small focused grants program for sustainable energy projects, similar to what the NIH does for science, and akin to the highly successful grants programs for education.

Without some form of regulation, capitalism will turn the planet into a sewer. A very hot sewer.   


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