Friday, February 24, 2012

Limiting The Power of Government


You argument regarding the endless capacity of governments for evil is compelling, and I appreciate your surmise that I share in it. The examples, then and now, are too numerous too mention. What’s more, I’ll make your day (maybe) by noting that I have no interest in living in a European style social welfare state. I’m happy to work hard and make a buck and be rewarded for that work. It shouldn’t be a nightmare to start a business, with every apparatchik with his/her hand your pocket.  But I don’t feel any loss of liberty living in America in 2012. It seems to me the freest place on Earth, as it has been for some time. And I won’t feel any less free if the Bush era tax cuts expire at the end of the year, or some states restrict fracking more than others. And I certainly won’t feel freer if the Supremes overturn the ACA, or the Keystome pipeline is built.

If by the loss of liberty you mean the mortgaging of our children’s future that is the consequence of current fiscal policy, I’m with you. I remain deeply disappointed that the President has chosen to punt on the issue, in particular, through his failure to endorse Simpson Bowles.  The fact that partisans on both sides ensured that the debt commissions’ recommendations would gain a majority convinces me that it was, and is, a good deal. I continue to argue, as do most of my fellow Democrats,  that the answer lies in compromise.

BTW, the Soapbox is yours next week. I'm on vacation starting tomorrow so posts will likely be infequent and mercifully brief. 


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