Monday, February 6, 2012

Obama versus The Catholic Church. Part 2


I can't let go of the HHS directive to the Catholic Church to offer insurance plans with benefits that violate Church doctrine.

For the past few days I've heard many defend the mandate but none justify the decision. For instance, Rachel Maddow on Meet The Press claimed 80% of the people want to have birth control in health plans but she was silent on what right the federal government has to force the Church to violate its religious teachings. Slate magazine is touting surveys that claim Catholics use birth control (which I don't doubt) as if that then gives the Government the right to insert itself between members of the Church and Church doctrine. The teachings of the Church is not within the purview of the Government. That is one of our basic rights.

The reaction by the administration and supporters of this policy is literally sickening to me. There is an arrogance about this I find abominable.

Remember, I was raised Catholic but haven't been an active member of the Church for 30+ years. And my reaction to this rule and it's defenders is visceral. Imagine how it must feel to someone in closer communion with the Church.

I've felt this way before with an Obama decision. It was right after Scott Brown was elected Senator, and the President decided to push forward with the Affordable Care Act anyway. I argue he pushed forward in opposition to The People. I feel he violated a trust. And I think he's violated that trust again.

Yesterday the priest pointed out to the congregants that the decision had serious repercussions and is an attack on the Church's teachings. But it's more than that. It is an attack on the rights of all of us.


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