Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Better Call Two Doctors


As much as you try, I will not come to the defense of the Republican party. (See your recent, "Somebody Quick, Call a Doctor.") I'm for free trade of goods and services. I'm against jawboning the Chinese on what their currency is worth. If they want to manipulate their currency and give US consumers goods at a lower price, bring it on. I'm for free immigration and feel the best use of the INS is turn it into a Welcome Wagon. Let them sit on the border of the US with a map and a cup of coffee greeting all with, "Welcome to America, have a nice day!" I don't believe in protecting steel mills, farmers, ethanol, manufacturing or any other pet interest the Republicans may have. I don't believe the government should care what I do in my bedroom or who I marry. I'll go even further than that. Why does the government have a say in marriage at all. That should be between the willing couple, or trio or more,  and their church, if any. 

But let's be real. The democrats are no better. Pelosi, Waxman, Waters, Rangel, Blumenthal, Wasserman-Schultz, Franken, the thankfully departed Weiner, Dodd and Alan Grayson are combinations of idiocy and corruption, just like the kooks and crooks on the Republican side.

I also really don't care too much for the argument that our politics are "too" divisive, or "too" partisan. I don't even know what that means. The politicians merely reflect their constituents. (Exhibit A: SOPA-PIPA, Exhibit B: HHS v the Catholic Church, Exhibit C: Scott Brown). You are telling me it is worse now then when Preston Brooks nearly beat Charles Summer to death on the floor of the Senate? Worse than Lincoln compared to a baboon and some openly wishing for his death? Worse then a sitting Vice President killing the first Secretary of the Treasury in a duel, then running off to try to start a filibuster in Mexico? Read almost any biography of Jefferson and you'll see what real partisanship was like, on both sides. 

I like divided government, stops them from doing things.


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