Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Somebody Quick, Call a Doctor

The Republican Party is sick . This is the party of Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Everett Dirksen, Robert Taft and John McCain. Of initiative and drive, Of fairness and racial justice, albeit long ago.

Now it’s the party of birthers, flat taxers, gold bugs and other assorted, bigots, kooks and imbeciles, not to mention really bad hair.

This is now the party of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell. The last two individuals ran in Senate elections in 2010 that would most likely have been won by even remotely competent candidates had Republican primary voters been inclined to select them. Reagan couldn't get elected dogcatcher by this crowd. This kind of self satisfying but otherwise unproductive behavior by Republican primary voters resembles a certain activity favored by adolescent boys that cannot be discussed in any greater detail on our family centered blog. The Republican Party position on illegal immigration is
guaranteed to alienate a key voting block for generations to come 

And now, Obama is salivating at the possibility that he might actually get to face a candiate who thinks that natural law” as conceived by Thomas Aquinas ought to be the governing principle for a moral life. And who lost his last senate race by 18 points.

The end of result of all this will be to embolden  the worse elements of the lunatic left, something neither of us wants to see happen.

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  1. While I find Santorum the candidate truly vile (if you haven't google'd Santorum, you should), it is important to not think of a general election in terms of the popular vote. Romney seams to have broader appeal to Republicans that live in Blue states (like Bill?). Santorum on the other hand has much broader appeal to the middle class as we saw in last weeks primaries. This could help him win important swing states like Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

    FiveThirtyEight had a great article in last weekend's times magazine that hinted that Santorum could be more dangerous in November then Romney.

    So those of us on the blue side of this election should be careful what we wish for.