Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Grumpy Answer to a Grumpy Butcher


In "My answer to The Grumpy Economist," you ask if Chicago faculty travels south of 61st Street. I really don't know.

But maybe they did travel to Cabrini Green, a federal government housing project.

Or maybe they took a trip down memory lane to remember the Carter-era Synfuels Corporation

Maybe they traveled to Fremont, CA to visit Solyndra

Perhaps they went hiking in Europe on the Butter Mountain

Or to seek evidence of good government policy they paid a call on Fannie Mae

We hope they didn't invest in Freddie Mac. But since Chicago is the home of The Efficient Market Hypothesis, probably not.

I don't know, maybe they stopped by candidate-Obama HQ and heard what the Grumpy Economist pointed out: Medicare spending is unsustainable.


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