Monday, October 29, 2012

Signal and Noise


I spend my life dealing with sound. Not the audible sound we take for granted in every waking second of ordinary life, but so called high frequency or ultrasound, which, while undetectable to the human ear, provides a remarkable medium for detecting the internal contours of the human body. Every time the density inside changes, (blood to muscle, bone to air, etc), the opportunity for reflection is created. I'm not speaking metaphorically here, as the anatomy and function of the heart is revealed out in amazing detail. It's a process that that I simultaneously take for granted, and yet which still amazes me. It's my job of course to figure out what's important in the images created from these reflected sound waves, and to disregard what's extraneous.

That of course is also the job of our brethren in the national media. With 8 days to go in an excruciatingly close national campaign, I wager that we would both agree that they are failing miserably. Mostly we are being subjected to the breathless hype of the horse race (although I admit, for this political junkie, it's hard to resist.

A little more than a week from now, we may not know anymore than we do tonight. In the meantime, make sure you have shelter from the storm. We have plenty of room for you and yours.


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