Monday, October 29, 2012

From Bad to Worse


One of my big objections to Romney's campaign is sometimes he'll criticize Obama's policies and actions, good and bad, and in the process, adopt an even worse policy. For instance, his criticism of Obama's $716 billion cut to Medicare. Medicare needs to be cut. I would argue the cut needs to be deeper. I would argue the cut simply avoids the structural issue with Medicare. But Romney is arguing we shouldn't cut Medicare, when we should.

The video below is a another example. Should Obama have inserted the government into the bankruptcy proceedings of GM and Chrysler? I don't think so. But instead of making this argument Romney says Obama did the government interference incorrectly and in the video implies he, Romney, would have been easier on the GM and Chrysler and would prevent either Chrysler being sold to Fiat and/or preventing Jeeps from being manufactured in China.

I think this will come back to haunt Romney, should he be elected.


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