Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's More Fiscally Responsible: Obama's Real Budget or the Interpretation of the Republican Candidate's Campaign Speeches?


You asked me if there is "any reason to believe that the any of the current Republican alternatives will be more fiscally responsible than the current occupant of the White House?" and cite the CRFB report that analyzes the actual budget Obama submitted to Congress to  the "detailed, albeit still incomplete, set of proposals to reduce both taxes and spending," from the Republican candidates.

My simple answer, except for Ron Paul, is no, I don't have reason to believe they will be more fiscally responsible. But I'm not going to pay too much attention to the CRFB report, which is comparing a real budget to an interpretation of an outline of a portion of a budget. So of course, it's a totally unfair comparison, to both Obama and the candidates. I know Krugman and Klein really enjoy the CRFB report because it helps remove the cognitive dissonance they have over Obama's purported fiscal responsibility.

Generally, they seem to have the same something for nothing promise employed by our politicians since FDR that have led us to budget deficits that are now 10% of GDP. And it makes it more likely your prediction of how it will end is correct. It's very disappointing.


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