Saturday, March 24, 2012

Magical Thinking


In psychiatry, magical thinking is loosely defined as a mental process in which causality is suspended in favor of association, or sometimes in favor of simple coincidence. An typical example might be something like...

 "It rained today for the first time in a month and my arthritis flared up, so the rain caused my arthritis."


"The president could lower the price of gas if he really wanted to "


 "Obama is the cause all of our present economic troubles, and if we only cut taxes in every circumstance, the economy would blossom like the Amaryllis plants you and I received for Christmas and liberty would be restored to the land"

Or how about?

"There's plenty of money to go around, and we only raised taxes on all those rich fat cats until their bones turned white there would be more than enough to go around and the rest of us could retire at 62 and live out our days in the blissful lassitude we deserve"

If we get Gallup to take a poll using the previous 3 statements, what percentage of Republicans would agree to the 1st two examples, and Democrats to the 3rd?

In the world of mental illness, magical thinking is an extremely destructive trait. You can't reason with those afflicted with it. Neither talking therapy nor pills don't work. Mostly you try to keep them away from sharp objects and intoxicating substances.

Alternatively, you can hold an election.


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