Sunday, March 4, 2012

These are a few of my favorite apps...


Let's talk about something important: Apps for the iPhone and iPad. Here are some of my favorites:

Day One. I've tried a number of journal apps including My Journal, but I love Day One. It syncs with Drop Box, my Mac, my iPhone and iPad. It has a clean interface, but can't do tables, graphs and pictures, yet.

Evernote. Remember everything. Evernote also created an extension for Chrome, (and Firefox I think) called Clearly. Also marvelous, but not an iPhone/iPad app.

I used to use Instapaper much more before I found Evernote, but I still like Instapaper.

Feedler Pro. I use this every day. It takes all the blogs I subscribe to via Google Reader and cleans them up, in a standard font size. Fantastic. Love Feedler Pro.

Goodreader reads just about everything you can think of: pdf's, word doc, excel files, Apple .numbers, Apple .pages, power points, text files. I can and do link to DropBox and my Mac at home. I read the US military wanted to use it until they found out it was made by a Russian company. 

Netflix is Netflix, but you can get it on your iPad. Bored at work? Fire up some Friday Night Lights!

I also love Zite, PocketPedia2, HanDBase, the Wall Street Journal (they really did it right. Still the best app for digital newspapers, bar none), Convert, Band of the Day, Waze and Epicurious, and of course, Blogsy, which allows me to blog via the iPad


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