Friday, January 18, 2013

Thank God Have a Strong Defender Against the 1% Inhabiting the White House


The Washington Post reports:

Most will come by train, by foot or by bus. More than a few, though, will arrive in inaugural Washington by private plane.
And the region’s biggest airport is looking to roll out the concrete carpet for the high-flying arrivals. Officials at Dulles International may close the airport’s westernmost runway to accommodate hundreds of private planes expected to descend on the region over the next few days. 
After all, those Gulfstreams and Learjets will need a place to park while their passengers are in town for the inaugural festivities.

As a point of comparison, the Post quotes airport officials expecting 300 to 600 arrivals this year, down from the 700 in 2009. That's double the number of arrivals from George Bush's second inauguration.

I don't know if you ever bought the (what I consider nonsense) about the 1%. But if you did, what say you of this?


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