Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quarterbacks Respond to Adverse Incentives


Four quarterbacks tomorrow. Two immortals who have already met every mark of greatness, including overcoming career threatening injury to return to their former level of excellence and who have done some amazing things with otherwise ordinary teammates at times. Two others who have a won a lot of football games for very good football teams with very good defenses but have never met the mark, or even approached it.

What amazes me about Brady and Manning is not their physical gifts, as substantial as they are. It's that cognitive ability so see what's going on around them with such precision. Combine that with their decision making ability and you have the archetype of what a quarterback should be.

But even they aren't immune to pressure. Tomorrow will be about time. If Ray Lewis, Von Miller, Rod Ninkovich, or  JJ Watt spend enough time on the other side of the line of scrimmagel, it will be a long day for the men they are trying to transform into pretzels.

Good luck to your Broncos today. Hope we get to have out bet next Sunday.


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