Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Social Security is an Insurance Program"


There are times when I've given up all hope for you, then you pen something like, "What the Debt Ceiling Debate is Really About," and hope is restored. I'm not the biggest fan of Brooks but I thought the piece you referenced was the issue in a nutshell: Older Americans are quite comfortable taxing their children and grandchildren to provide for their comfort today. They elect politicians who enable that theft.

I also agree, Republicans and Democrats are both guilty of this thievery. What is interesting to me is the only group accused of opposing this inter-generational theft is characterized as the lunatic fringe by people like you. Frankly, I think there is an inner Tea Partier in you trying to get out.

By the way, here is how Nancy Pelosi characterized Social Security on "Face The Nation" last Sunday

Well I think as far as Social Security is concerned, this is an insurance initiative, that was very masterfully put together so it's not a poor people's program. It is an insurance program that people pay in, thee and me, we take out. 
This is just as dangerous as Romney and Ryan's criticism of Obama for reducing Medicare and then standing up as defenders of the status quo.

I'm not sure you and I would compromise if we ran the world, but at least I think we would agree on the facts.


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