Friday, April 13, 2012

Yes and No


No you say to wasteful government spending, and provide several thoughtful examples of questionable use of the taxpayers money. Let me add a few to the list. No to crop subsidies for big agribusiness or drilling gifts to big oil. No to bigger and bigger weapons systems that don't do a better job that what we have now and that even our generals don't want. No to the gulag of federal prisons required to house the largest proportion of nonviolent offenders incarcerated in the world.

But I have a few yeses to add as well. Yes to public protection for health and the environment (CDC, FDA and EPA and food inspection). Yes to worker protection (OSHA, mine safety). Yes to support for biomedical and mental health research (NIH and NIMH). Yes to the Park Service. And yes to the preservation of opportunity that you and had. I borrowed half the money for college from a program called FISL or Federally Insured Student Loan- 7% interest deferred until I finished med school. Kids (and parents!) would kill for terms like those today.

I did my taxes with Turbotax this year -an amazing invention. Gives you an idea of just how byzantine the tax code has become. Wish I were in your happy position, as the IRS will making a substantial withdrawal from my bank account on Tuesday. 


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