Monday, April 23, 2012

Ideological Voter


The Connecticut state senate is currently considering a bill  SB 243 :AN ACT CONCERNING CERTIFICATES OF MERIT that threatens to undo a vital component of malpractice reform in a state that already has one of the highest average costs per claim in the country. In response to a request from the local chapter of the American College of Cardiology, I dutifully reached out to my local state senator, who happens to be the Republican minority leader in the state senate, to urge him to vote against the bill

Here is a man whose philosophical   leanings on this issue surely dovetail with mine, and whose support in this area I desperately want. And yet, I can barely bring myself to ally with him, given the .loathing I have for so much of what his party represents.

At the national level the paradox remains equally striking. There is no question that a President Romney combined with a Republican controlled Congress would fill my pockets, and that my household is fortunate enough to withstand any mischief they might create otherwise. Assuming that is, that the imposition of European type austerity doesn't send the economy off a cliff.

But I can't do it.



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