Thursday, April 12, 2012

Before You Raise One Extra Cent of New Taxes, Tell Me Where You are Going to Spend It.


Before we raise any new taxes on anyone, I want to know where that money is going. If it's going to fund Solyndra-like failures, I say no. If it's going to the Ex-Im Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boeing and GE, I say no. If it's going to the useless medical procedures you pointed out in your "Bring on the Death Panels 2," I say no. If it's going to more middle-class welfare like social security, medicare, home interest deductions, I say no. If it's going to high-speed rail, the Post Office, Amtrak, Pell Grants, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Obamacare, I say no no no no no no and no.

I make this remark with respect to Obama's high-profile Buffet Rule, the rule that would result in another worksheet in the 1040 instruction book, which over time, like the Alternative Minimum Tax, would turn into a tax that causes migraines to fill out. (I do my own taxes, with the help of Turbo Tax. Even with the help of Turbo Tax, the complexity of Form 1040 is infuriating).

Obama wants to tax rich people more so he can "make investments." In what? High speed rail. Clean energy. Again, no thank you.

And he wants to tax rich people because it's "fair." Bah humbug. Richard Burkhauser et al have a report, "A Second Opinion on the Economic Health of the American Middle Class," that puts a hurt on the idea the middle class have suffered severe harm since 2000. Burkhauser is polite, but in essence says, liar liar pants on fire to those studies Obama quotes to justify his rape and pillage of resources so he can build a clean energy eononomy on high-speed rails.

Ugh. Note to self. Impose a cooling off period on yourself after doing your taxes. And I even got a refund! Imagine my mood if I had to cut a check to those robber barons in Washington DC.



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