Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fracking. Joe Romm is a Big Fat Idiot Also


I happened to be driving through an oil field in Utah last week. I turned to my driver, a young lady from Ohio, and asked if the field was being developed with fracking? She didn't know but asked, "Isn't fracking bad?"

We had been talking about the beauty of Utah, the rawness of the countryside we were driving through and how it was a shame some people didn't respect the environment.

I answered her fracking question by saying it was bad if it was done by bad actors that didn't respect the environment. It would be unfair to assert hiking and camping in the desert of Utah was bad because some bad actors didn't respect nature. Similarly it would be unfair to say fracking was bad if some actors didn't exercise proper care.

It's a shame our arguments on important issues, like making sure energy production is done in a responsible manner, is framed by demagogues and liars like Joe Romm at Climate Progress and whoever the right-wing equivalent of Romm is.


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