Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's Wrong with Fee for Service Medicine?


What's wrong with fee for service medicine? If I want to pay for only the medical service I receive what's wrong with that? I want Lasik, I pay a fee, I get Lasik. Seems to work. I want a face lift, I pay a fee, I get a face lift. Seems to work there also. For the record, I've never received Lasik or a face lift.

I've said it before, I have no strong opinion on Accountable Care Organizations, other than it sounds like an HMO, which at least 20 years ago consumers hated. But, so what. You want to buy your health care via a ACO, go ahead. The only thing I would ask you is to allow me the freedom to buy my health care as I see fit.

I really don't understand this compulsive need to "fix the system," with a one size fits all solution. One size fits all doesn't work in any other market, what possible reason do we have to believe it will work in this market?


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