Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Choice Between 2 Fundamentally Dishonest New York Liberals


Ben Sasse, Senator from Nebraska has it right: a choice between Clinton and Trump is a choice between 2 fundamentally dishonest New York liberals. And like Sasse, I'll vote for neither.


I'm deeply disturbed by all things Trump, but maybe mostly by his embrace of the KKK and white supremacists.


And then there's this:

Black students ejected from Trump rally in Ga.

In my mind, he's embracing racism full on.

Parties change. The Democrats for 150+  years embraced institutional racism. The also embraced free trade and state's rights. For 100 years the Republicans embraced protectionism, and a stronger federal government.  Trump and the Republicans may want to adopt institutional racism as a party platform, but they will lose some, many, I hope.

I hope many will choose, like Ben Sasse, to publicly reject Trump. I will never, ever, support anyone who supports Trump.

Scary times.


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