Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Good News for Patriot Fans


A 7th-grader named Goodell used a science project to solve Deflategate

The NFL spent millions trying to nab Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Deflategate saga. They should've just called Goodell.

Ben Goodell, that is.

The 7th-grader from Lynn, Boston (not related to the NFL Commissioner) decided the punishment given Brady (four games, still racking up dollars in the court system) wasn't fair, so he created a science project to figure out if weather affected the PSI of footballs.

“I put it in humidity, cold, snow, wind chill and the same temperature that occurred during Deflategate,” Goodell told WBZ-TV.

HOW NOVEL! The results from Ben's science project? Well it's kind of awkward for the NFL.

“Every single time I did this test the PSI dropped at least 2 PSI," Goodell said. "That means it was scientifically proven that Tom Brady didn't deflate the footballs, and it was just the weather conditions."

Deflategate always struck me as an Alice in Wonderland kind of process, "Sentence first — verdict afterwards."  Or as my daughter once said to me, "Ready, Fire, Aim." Still one of my favorite maxims.


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