Friday, June 10, 2016

Why Does Krugman Hate Women?


My life is much calmer, and I'm much smarter since I stopped reading your favorite NY Times columnist.

Maybe the election is about angry white men versus women. I don't think it is, but what do I know. I think Trump is a fool and is an obvious fool no one would ever seriously consider for the Presidency. I think Bernie's economic views are delusional and could only possibly appeal to the young and ignorant, but I repeat myself. I think Hilary is the most unlikable candidate since Richard Nixon, and excluding Trump, the most dishonest as well  and yet the majority of the Democratic Party finds her the best one to compete against the worst the Republicans can offer. Or, they are nominating the only candidate who can possibly lose to Trump.

So maybe he's right and this all comes down to angry white men vs. women. Well I'm white, and while not angry I'm usually cranky (think Bernie on level 6 instead of level 11) and I will not be voting Trump. My wife is female and finds Hilary (and Trump) repugnant and Bernie ridiculous. My eldest daughter and youngest daughter dislike Hilary. My son is for Bernie, a super-majority of my sisters despise Hilary more than I do.

Yea, I know, my limited sample is not relevant, except to me, of course. Maybe he's right and women voters are so shallow they will vote only for a woman. Kind of a nasty thing to say though. Why does Krugman hate women? Maybe angry white men are angry because of women. Not quite sure what the mechanism of action is.

I have the sinking feeling that's how this horror show of an election will be framed: angry white men versus women. Ugh. Great, we can focus on that silliness instead of the real problems we face. I think I'll ignore the next five months and concentrate on other things.


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