Friday, June 10, 2016

Why Do Bernie and Hilary Hate Poor People?


This is from the EIA

Shale gas and tight oil requires hydraulic fracturing. Bernie wants to ban fracking because he heard it's bad. Didn't hear it from the EPA which has studied fracking and found it safe. 60 years of fracking in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Dakota and elsewhere and somehow those states have survived. Yet still, the environmentalists don't like it because, SCIENCE!

Ban fracking and oil and gas prices will rise, gas more than oil. That will hurt the poor more than anyone else since they'll pay more for heating, and the plastics made from gas. Plus the middle class manufacturing jobs dependent on gas exploration, production and processing will decline as well.

Fortunately for us all Bernie won't be President. Unfortunately for us, Hilary is adopting just about every ill-advised economic idea Bernie has (meaning all of them) as her own.

Why do Bernie and Hilary hate poor people?


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