Friday, June 3, 2016

Delusion of #BabyTrump Voters


The Atlantic talks to a Libertarian who supports Trump,

For me personally, it's resistance against what San Francisco has been, and what I see the country becoming, in the form of ultra-PC culture. That’s where it's almost impossible to have polite or constructive political discussion.  Disagreement gets you labeled fascist, racist, bigoted, etc. It can provoke a reaction so intense that you’re suddenly an unperson to an acquaintance or friend. There is no saying “Hey, I disagree with you,” it's just instant shunning. Say things online, and they'll try to find out who you are and potentially even get you fired for it. Being anti-PC is not about saying “I want you to agree with me on these issues.” It's about saying, “Hey, I want to have a discussion and not get shouted down because I don't agree with what is considered to be politically correct.”
When asked why he thinks electing a vulgar, short-fingered, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, bloviating ignoramus would help, he responds:

Having Trump in the White House would both give me more confidence to speak my own opinion and more of a shield from instantly being dismissed as a racist/xenophobe/Nazi (all three things I have been called personally)....

...with President Trump, I think our national dialogue will likely move away from being blanketly PC.
I think he's delusional.


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