Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why I'm Not Feeling the Bern


From the comments section of David Brooks column today

A. Stanton

Dallas, TX 7 hours ago
I and millions of other Americans mailed off far too much money to the federal government this past week. Here is our

To us it is completely understandable that people with little or no money who frequently pay little or no taxes -- like many of Bernie’s supporters -- would be in favor of higher taxes on rich and middle income people. Why wouldn’t they be? Somebody has to pay for the schools, roads, bridges, medical care and other government services they utilize, and it clearly cannot be them.

The thing about Bernie Sander’s democratic-socialist vision for America that for us is so dismaying is sheer dishonesty of it. When he talks about free college educations, free health care and forgiveness of college loans, he is talking about free for the kids on the stage who are yelling his name, but not free for the 55 percent of the American people who pay income taxes and with those taxes are buying America’s bread and putting It on the table for everyone.

Bernie’s slogan is “A Future To Believe In.” An honest one would be “This is a Stickup. Hand Over Your Money.”

Amen to that


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