Tuesday, April 26, 2016

There Goes the Theory That Trump Only Appeals to White Trailer Park Trash in the South


The NY Times wants us to believe #BabyTrump's support is mostly from trailer parks. Always seemed to be too easy and convenient a conclusion to me.

So how is it #BabyTrump's biggest victory to date, in terms of percentage vote won, is New York? It looks like Connecticut will also be a big percentage win for that whining, bloviating, mendacious ignoramus, #BabyTrump.

I'm just disgusted with the whole thing now. Republicans decided immigration and Islamic Terrorism were the be-all and end-all issues and they attracted, then embraced, a demagogue that repeated back to them what they wanted to hear.

They got what they demanded. I'll have no part of it. A pox on the Republicans.


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