Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Whistling Past the Graveyard-Part 2


The Hartford Courant reports,
State legislators are concerned about a lack of strong statements from Aetna that have raised questions whether the company will remain headquartered in Hartford after an upcoming merger.
After GE left, Bob Duff and the appropriately named Martin Looney issued a press release that included this:

“It is clear that GE’s decision has nothing to do with taxes, or even business costs, and cannot fairly be viewed as a referendum on Connecticut’s growing economy. Connecticut’s unemployment rates have dropped to the lowest level since March 2008. In 2015, Connecticut saw the sixth-largest unemployment drop in the country. In fact, GE just increased its workforce in Connecticut after purchasing Alstom Energy, adding 1,200 jobs in Windsor and Bloomfield,” continued Sen. Looney.

“Those who would seek to paint GE’s departure as an economic referendum should have their motives examined very closely. The 16 Fortune 500 companies that still proudly call Connecticut home, a number that places Connecticut by far as number one in the nation for most Fortune 500 headquarters on a per capita basis, will continue to prosper here, as will the new businesses that move to our state every single day,” Sen. Looney concluded.
What? Me worry?


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