Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Worst Time to Play the Patriots


I think you pointed out to me no one adjusts to a loss like Belichick. I'll buy that and the Patriots crushing the Vikings is another example. I really feel sorry for teams that have to play the Patriots the week after the Patriots lose a game they should have won. Belichick still has it, but you have to worry about Brady. I'm not sure if I actually heard someone say Brady was losing it or if it was in a dream, but either way, when will the Patriots begin grooming his successor?

The Seahawks now look human, and the Broncos still look vulnerable. The Broncos pretty much dominated the Chiefs, yet the Chiefs were in the game to the very end. Not a good sign. The Vegas oddsmakers don't think much of the Chargers win, nor the Seahawks loss. Odds of the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl now 5:1 versus 4:1 last week and odds of the Chargers wining the Super Bowl remains at 30:1. I thought the Chargers looked strong.

Patriots again at 8:1 to win the Super Bowl, Broncos and Seahawks at 5:1. In our house there are no Oakland Raiders. Instead they are The Hated Oakland Raiders. Odds of The Hated Oakland Raiders winning the Super Bowl? 1000:1, down from 200:1 at the start of the season. Good to see.

As an aside, the Carolina Panthers started the year at 80:1 odds of winning the Super Bowl, now they are 30:1, the biggest positive change in the NFL. What's going on there?


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