Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Broncos, The Patriots, The Seahawks and Vegas Odds


Thanks to NFL Rewind (a great product, I highly recommend it) I watched the Broncos beat the Colts, the Patriots lose to the Dolphins and the Seahawks crush the Packers. The Seahawks look just as good as last year, maybe better. The Broncos seem to lack a killer instinct. They seem to rush out to a lead then coast. The Colts were much too close for my comfort. Your Patriots were sloppy. Captain America missed more receivers (or his receivers missed him) than I've seen in some time.

The oddsmakers in Vegas had the same impression as I.
Odds of the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl are now 4:1 versus 6:1 last week
For the Broncos now 11:2 versus 6:1 last week
and the Patriots are at 10:1 versus 8:1 last week.


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