Thursday, August 8, 2013

Obama: The NSA is NOT looking at your emails. NYTimes: The NSA is looking at your emails.

June 7, 2013, "Transcript: Obama’s Remarks on NSA Controversy," from the Wall Street Journal:

Now, with respect to the Internet and emails, this does not apply to U.S. citizens, and it does not apply to people living in the United States. And again, in this instance, not only is Congress fully apprised of it, but what is also true is that the FISA Court has to authorize it.
August 8, 2013, "N.S.A. Said to Search Content of Messages to and From U.S." from the NY Times

WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency is searching the contents of vast amounts of Americans’ e-mail and text communications into and out of the country, hunting for people who mention information about foreigners under surveillance, according to intelligence officials. 

 If I send an email that "mentions" a foreigner under surveillance, am I then placed under surveillance and are those three hops from me under surveillance? If I mention a foreigner under surveillance, not a terrorist, but a foreigner under surveillance, in this blog, does anyone who reads this blog get placed under surveillance and all those three hops away?

Americans are being spied upon. Without a warrant. Every day. And in a bipartisan atrocity, it is supported by Republicans and Democrats.


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