Thursday, August 22, 2013

Given its track record on veracity, I'm more concerned its an NSA trojan horse

From Tech Crunch:
The U.S. office of National Intelligence launched a new site today to promote government transparency in the wake of the months-long scandals surrounding the National Security Agency’s surveillance tactics.
During the Iraq War the DoD contracted with a firm to distribute games and social media applications to cell phones in the Middle East. Once these programs were downloaded the DoD was able to track the user.

Frankly, given the Intelligence Community's and this administrations record of lying and dissimulation on spying on Americans, I'm more concerned this is another trojan horse, instead of an attempt to stop spying on Americans.

And lets not forget what this program is all about: The  fruits of the information gleaned from spying on Americans is used to assassinate suspected terrorists. Spying on Americans is the find and fix of "find, fix and finish."


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