Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Are you three hops from a terrorist? The NSA wants to know.

From, "How Obama Can Say “We Don’t Have A Domestic Spying Program” Without Lying," 

While the NSA is supposed to focus on foreign suspects, they can monitor any individual who corresponds (is “connected”) with terrorists. According to the NSA, surveillance programs sweep American communications up to 3 ‘hops’ from any suspect (a friend of a friend of a friend is 3 ‘hops’ in a network). 
Most Americans are three degrees away from hundreds of thousands or even millions of other citizens. If I have 100 friends, and they each have 100 friends, I’m 2 degrees from 10,100 people (assuming there’s no overlapping friendships).
The NSA and the administration and the apologists in Congress (McCain, King, Feinstein etc.) have consistently been proven to be shading the truth at best and lying at worst about the intrusiveness of the NSA's activities.


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