Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is the ACA the Answer?


As I have argued previously, the ACA is at best an imperfect solution. It solves the problem of access but not (yet) of cost. It's not the solution I would have chosen (although you would have liked that even less). But it can't (and won't) be any worse than what we've done so far, so far, which is to feed the medical industrial monster.

And I have the same hold-my-head-in-hands reaction as you to the argument that letting "consumers" decide all this in the hurly burly of a market driven healthcare system is the answer. Such a system will certainly be cheaper, since, as in 3rd world countries, it will only provide care to those who can pay.  And there is no reason to believe, and certainly no previous experience to suggest, that it will deliver better health, or even adequate health for those who can't.


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