Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Denver In Denver


That's how the Butcher household (Patriots fans all) used to refer to all those away games at Mile High. It seems we were always playing there, and  mostly losing. At lot of Patriot heartache happened there. The Elway teams were always well coached. The defense made you pay in blood for every yard gained. And, or so it seems in my memory, there would always be some terrible (from this side of the rivalry) moment that determined the outcome. For exhibit A one only need refer to "Bailey, Champ."

I don't think the earlier contest this season tells us much. Manning the Elder clearly had not found his comfort zone. The Patriots on the other hand, are famous for peaking in December, and their porous pass defense to appears to have strengthened a bit. The Ravens in Baltimore are the major remaining test on your side, while we have the 49ers and the Houston, both at home.

Should be fun


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