Wednesday, September 19, 2012



Take the quiz. Tell me your result:

Here's mine:

87% Gary Johnson
79% Romney
51% Obama

I'm pretty sure there's a Libertarian heart beating within you. Be honest.



  1. This is Milksop Libertarian. I got:

    86% Gary Johnson
    65% Mitt Romney
    51% Barack Obama

    81% Libertarian
    59% Democrat
    51% Republican

  2. The blog How Conservatives Drove Me Away has an amusing article on "wasting your vote" by voting third party. Essentially, he says that in all but 13 states your vote doesn't matter anyway, so you might as well vote how you want unless you live in those 13 states. He also points out that that voting third-party isn't necessarily about winning, but about sending a message to the main parties.

    You can read the post at:

    It has a cool map.