Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Romney Gaffes? Really?


I think I pay more attention to the election than the average person, and I've pretty much ignored the Romney "gaffes." He said security at the Olympics could be an issue. So what.

He said there are cultural differences between the Israelis and Palestinians, America and Mexico, Chile and Ecuador and those difference may contribute to economic performance. So what. Someone is trying to make it an issue that Romney has lost the Palestinian vote? Really?

Look at the video of the Politico reporters shouting out questions to Romney as he visited the Polish Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Romney ignored them. An aide to Romney told them to have some respect and "kiss my ass." So what.

Read the speech Romney gave in Warsaw. Bill Kristol has it on It's pretty good. An unabashed paean to liberty.

I read that speech and liked it. He recently indicated he would let wind subsidies expire. I liked that also.

Do some You-tubeing on him. Find the unedited stuff. Then tell me what you think. I think he can win.


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