Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's Talk About Money


I'm on vacation in Crater Lake National Park, an extraordinary place which I would recommend highly to you and Mrs K. A few thoughts on the Ryan pick before I climb down to Cleetwood Cove to catch the boat ride.

This was an excellent for choice for Romney. It is serious, It gives him a chance to re-frame the argument and change the direction of the campaign which has not been going his way of late. It will energize conservatives (and liberals as well). It allows the Republicans to make an honest case for their vision of where they want the country to go. Instead of campaigning, as they did successfully in the 2010 elections, on the idea that Obamacare will destroy Medicare (a backbone of financial stability of the elderly white voters who support them by wide margins), Republicans will now get to campaign on a budget that will end Medicare as an entitlement. Medicaid too, as well as taxes on capital gains and dividends. As a true believer in small government and the power of markets, Ryan is widely praised for his ability to articulate that vision. One hopes for an equally honest response from us Democrats, who at our worst seem to believe that money grows on trees.  The country desperately needs to have this conversation about how much we spend and where it really comes from, or ought to come from.

It's fascinating that both sides think that Ryan as VP candidate works for them. One of them, clearly, will turn out to be wrong.

As far as writing checks to Romney, good for you. At the very least, your contributions will cancel out mine for Obama.


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