Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"What About My Grandchildren?"


 About halfway through the article a woman remarks about the auto bail-out, good for the auto workers she says, "but where does that leave my grandchildren?"

For all Obama's talk of a level playing field and everyone playing by the rules, there sure seems to be a lot of preferences and favors to select groups.  I don't think Romney is much better.  Somewhat, not much.  

I think these special favors hurt growth so hurt our kids.  I think these special favors raise prices so hurt the poor. I think these special favors are paid for with borrowed money, so hurt our grand kids. It's not just autos, it's banks, and farmers, and unions and clean energy and on and on. Lots of protected interests on both sides of the aisle. 

Obama can lose because people know we are leaving our grandchildren a terrible legacy. Romney may not win because he isn't offering a viable alternative. 

The Obama pitch is, vote for me, I'm smart and I'll fix everything.  Romney's pitch, sadly, is the same. I'll vote for the guy who says government is the organization breaking things, not fixing them. 


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