Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Obama the Republican?


About 20-21 minutes into the broadcast of ABC's, "This Week", Van Jones, the Obama surrogate says, "Now his to-do list is literally the Republican Party's to-do list. He's saying let's give tax cuts to small businesses, they won't do that. He's saying let's give homeowners the tools to cut red tape and get re-financing on their homes, on their own expense. The Republicans won't do that. They won't pass their own agenda because it's Barak Obama."

This is their campaign? Obama is a better Republican than the Republicans?

When the surrogates are pressed on Solyndra, they'll respond it was a George Bush program. When pressed on foreign affairs they say'll they've been tougher on terror than Bush. They say they are fiscally responsible while the Republican's ran up the deficit. Obama's "to-do list is literally the Republican Party's to-do list."

Really? Vote for Obama because he's a better George Bush than George Bush?


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