Monday, June 4, 2012

Obama's Hollow Argument


I don't understand how Obama thinks he is going to win this election by pointing out how poorly the economy is doing. It seems that every time the President, or one of the President's supporters opens his or her mouth the first words are, "The economy is not doing as well as it should." The second thing they have been saying, recently, is well summarized by David Axelrod on yesterday's "Face the Nation."

"No one is arguing if Mitt Romney is qualified to be President. What we are arguing is whether he is qualified to call himself a "job creator," that's not what he did in his business, uh, that's not the purpose of his business, uh, and it's certainly not what he did in Massachusetts where they had one of the worst economic records, uh, in the country, so, when you hold yourself out as an economic oracle and you say to people, "Trust me. I know how to move the country forward," and your record says something else, of course you're going to challenged for that."

Tell me. If in sentence one you are saying the economy should be better, and in sentence two you are criticizing someone for saying "Trust me, I know how to move the country forward," aren't you saying Obama shouldn't be trusted to move the country forward? It seems like such an odd argument.


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