Friday, January 27, 2012

It's About Time


In this case specifically, time to throw the football. Brady needs about 2.1 seconds to execute. My guess is (the other) Eli needs the same. The Giants have shown they are perfectly capable of reducing that interval with their ferocious, relentless front four.

It would be fascinating to do neuropsychology  testing on Messrs Manning and Brady. Their visuospatial scores I wager would be off the charts. That’s what makes great NFL quarterbacks- amazing pattern recognition combined with superb decision making, in very small amounts of time. Any strong armed fellow can throw a football.

I’m still amazed that my beloved Patriots prevailed last Sunday. But I fear the Giants.

I think you’re a bit harsh on the Occupiers. Their genesis and the Tea Partier’s are the same-rage at the elites. It’s just that the Tea Party has been effective at translating that rage into power, and the Occupy movement will never be.

As far as who is a Republican these days, the data speak for themselves.

You’re right to insist that no one wants to live with dirty air It just seems to be OK if someone  else  has to breath it

For now, we’ll agree to disagree  We’ll get to carbon in all its various forms I’m sure.  


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