Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bentley! Whip up a liver and whey shake right away!


Your post about Manning's and Brady's visuospatial scores reminded me of one of my favorite movies, "Heaven Can Wait," the Warren Beatty version. Beatty's character is mistakenly taken from his body by an over-eager angel who didn't realize Beatty would have been able to avoid a head-on collision with an oncoming car due to his "fantastic reflexes." Beatty spends the rest of the movie trying to find a permanent body. Hilarity and love ensue.

On ongoing joke is Beatty treating visitors to a liver and whey shake.

Max: What's in this brown stuff?
Joe: That's mainly whipped liver.
Max: Liver?
Joe: I put a little whey in it, then mix it with a little alfalfa sprouts, and some bean curd and spinach. It's nice, isn't it? It's a liver and whey shake.


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