Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Incompetence is Bipartisan


I didn't pay much attention to Trump's Executive Order, nor the response by the outrage machine.

I did go back in time to October 2013, when this happened:

Many Americans got "please wait" messages Tuesday when they tried to start shopping for health coverage on the federal government's new health insurance website, A series of technological glitches, delays and crashes kept people from getting to several of the 16 state exchanges, too.
But I'm sure ideology had nothing to do with that incompetence. (nor the VA, nor the decimation of the Democratic Party over the past 8 years).

I'm not going to defend Trump. I'm not going to defend this Executive Order. And I'm not going to defend how it was implemented.  My only reaction after seeing pictures of the airports was relief I wasn't flying.


Ps. National Review is at best my third favorite conservative publication. I much prefer Cato and The Federalist (, not to be confused with The Federalist Society. 

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