Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ideology Trumps Competance


From your favorite conservative publication, the National Review, comes Yuval Levins' take on the weekend's events.

Passing off reckless ineptitude as strategic genius seems to be a coping mechanism for some people on all sides of our politics these days. I hope it’s helping them cope. But what we saw this weekend was rank incompetence creating dangerous chaos. We saw it here on a very small scale, and ultimately a manageable one. But the scale of the challenges confronting the American president isn’t always so manageable. Many of those problems aren’t self-created, like this one was, but instead rush at our government unpredictably and need to be swiftly and ably detected, assessed, and confronted. The last few days need to serve as a bright, blaring warning to the new administration that it is not yet prepared to do its job...

Just when, I wonder, will it be prepared? Or is it even interested in being prepared?


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