Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What Bobby Jindal Didn't Say-Part II


You mis-characterize what Bobby Jindal said. You claim he said it wasn't a racially motivated crime. No he didn't. He said regardless of your race or party affiliation all recognize this was a horrible crime. At least in the quotes I posted he made no mention of the racial aspect of the crime, as you point out. But I just grabbed the first one's I saw, so maybe your beef is with my editorial or search skills.

I'm not going to defend Jindal or anyone else on what they said or didn't say. Besides, I haven't said anything about the racial aspect of this crime. Doesn't make me a racist or blind to the racial issues in the US. My point was the Times unattributed statement (no quotes, no source, where did it come from? The Times' imagination of what they think Bobby Jindal thinks?) of Jindal was far different than the quotes from interviews and tweets by Jindal. My unwritten suggestion was the Times has an agenda, so blindly accepting everything it prints is lazy.


PS. You cite Media Matters to show voter fraud doesn't exist! Really? You may as well cite

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