Saturday, June 13, 2015

Grandiloquent fustian!


I'm reading Volume I of Adam Badeau's "Military History of U. S. Grant." Here is a description of General McClernand, a political appointment by Lincoln, charged with operating an Army Corp, under Grant,

All this while, Grant was greatly annoyed by McClernand's insubordinate behavior. That officer claimed to have been placed in command directly by the President, and therefore to be independent of his superior. He constantly appealed from Grant in matters of military etiquette and law; his language was as intolerable as his actions were injudicious; his official papers teemed with self-laudation and grandiloquent fustian, assuming credit to which he was not entitled, raising objections to the orders of his commanding officer, making suggestions contrary to all the principles of military science, and fostering jealousies among different portions of the army and with the naval officers.
Grandiloquent fustian is not a term I hear everyday, but I sure would like to.


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