Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Over/Under on When Latest NSA Statement Proven Wrong?

From Politico:

...a report in The Washington Post — based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden — that the NSA secretly mined the connection between Google’s and Yahoo’s data hubs. The project, code named MUSCULAR and targeting data centers located around the world, granted the NSA access to hundreds of millions of accounts, including those owned by Americans, the Post indicated.

The NSA, of course, denies even knowing of such a thing.

The leader of the National Security Agency on Wednesday aired skepticism about a new report that the U.S. government had infiltrated the links between Google’s and Yahoo’s data centers.
“I don’t know what the report is,” said Gen. Keith Alexander when asked at a cybersecurity summit, adding the NSA is “not authorized” to access companies’ data centers and instead must “go through a court process” to obtain such content. “Not to my knowledge,” the general said when asked whether the NSA tapped the data centers
 It seems like all NSA denials are ultimately retracted, ("Least untruthful answer" ring a bell?) the only question is when.  I'll put the over/under as Tuesday November 5th, Noon.


PS. Thank God the President and Diane Feinstein think Angela Merkel's phone shouldn't be tapped. If only they would extend the same courtesy to me.

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